Acoustics Awards 2023 has garnered an incredibly positive response from the industry. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to all the applicants for their unwavering support and dedication towards advancing innovation and technology within the field. 

After a meticulous screening process, 25 submissions spanning five categories, including Environmental Noise, Architectural Acoustics, Product/Material Invention, IT Application and Other Excellence, have been chosen as finalists. Comprising a stellar group of acoustics veterans and professors, the jury panel will deliver final judging on 2 and 9 September 2023

 Finalists will be contacted by HKIOA AA 2023 Secretariat for further arrangements on the final judging. Congratulations to all AA2023 Finalists! 

Category 1 : Environmental Noise

Project Name
Eastern District Cultural Square
Gold Award - Thinktech Sound & Vibration Comany Limited, Shen Milson& Wilke & China-Tech Engineering Co. Ltd

Eastern District Council (EDC) advocated for a permanent outdoor event space to hold cultural activities such as Chinese Operas and create a new and holistic waterfront experience to attract visitors as well as serving the community.  The proposal was to build an amphitheatre: an outdoor performance stage with a canopy for a maximum capacity of 1000 persons. Due to the frequently noise complaints in Hoi Sham Park and Tuen Mun Park, many stakeholders in the project concerns singing activities and other amplified sounds would create nuisance noise to the neighbourhood.  Shen Milsom & Wilke (Acoustic Consultant of the project) was to make sure noise generated from activities would not create a nuisance to the neighbourhood and submit Noise Impact Assessment Report to obtain Environmental Protection Department (EPD) approval for this project. The Project is to find a way to actively control the sound systems brought into the venue by the hirer. The idea was using Bruel & Kjaer sound monitoring system that the measured readings instantly compared to the threshold level, and once the level was exceeded, it sent a feedback signal to the sound control processor (Designed by China-tech Engineering Co. Ltd.) The processor then gradually compressed the output sound volume to meet the criteria. The objective was to demonstrate the activities noise must not be 10 dB above the current ambient noise level.

Category 2 : Architectural Acoustics

Project Name
HKUST Shaw Auditorium
Gold Award - Marshall Day Hong Kong Limited

The Shaw Auditorium is a new landmark for the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST). The multipurpose building provides a dynamic venue that can transform from a concert hall for large orchestras to a conference hall, lecture auditorium, proscenium theatre and exhibition space.  The flexible design of the auditorium, equipped with retractable seating, allows for multiple arrangements with a seating capacity of 850 for concerts, and over 1,300 in flat floor configurations.

Marshall Day Acoustics (MDA) provided full acoustic design services for the auditorium, multipurpose rooms, and ancillary spaces including room acoustics, mechanical services noise & vibration control and sound insulation. MDA was involved for the whole of the Project from concept design, detailed design, tendering, and construction supervision, right through to commissioning.

The building acts as a new cultural beacon for the HKUST and forms a new heart at its centre.  MDA worked closely with the project team to ensure the acoustic design could support the functional day to day needs of HKUST’s thriving university life.  For our client, HKUST, the highest priority was to ensure the outcome of the construction quality would achieve the targeted acoustic design objectives and perform the multiple purposes as briefed.

Category 3 : Product/Material Invention

Magnetic Tuned Mass Damper (version 3.0 - for sheet pile works)
Grand Award & Gold Award - Acoustics Innovation Limited, Build King Civil Engineering Limited, AECOM Asia Co. Ltd & Civil Engineering and Development Department

Magnetic Tuned Mass Damper (MTMD) is a vibration absorber to reduce the re-radiated noise from steel plate and supplied by Acoustics Innovation Limited (AIHK). This product is invented by Ir. Wilson Ho, the founder of AIHK.  The first on-site implementation is carried out in 2022 at CEDD project namely Tung Chung New Town Extension - Major Infrastructure Works in Tung Chung East (Contract No. NL/2020/03). The project is constructed by Build King Civil Engineering Limited and supervised by AECOM Asia Company Limited.

 MTMD incorporates following key features to enhance its performance.

1.    MTMD is effective for low-damping material, such as steel plate, where plate resonance is the major noise source during machine operation.

2.    Target frequencies can be tuned independently from 200Hz to 1500Hz, by adjusting stiffness of resilient layer and mass of oscillation masses.  The vibration energy of steel plate at the tuned frequency would be transferred to MTMD and dissipated in the resilient layers by hysteresis.

3.    Lightweight structure that allows quick installation by a single worker.

4.    Space saving and easy installation by the use of magnet attachment on sheet pile.

Category 4 : IT Application

Project Name
AI Mobile App for Construction Noise Recognition
Gold Award - Environmental Protection Department

The project's objective is to create a cost-effective real-time AI sound recognition tool that can monitor environmental noise and track down specific construction activities. With the AI sound recognition tool, noise management on the construction site can be made more effective.  To achieve this objective, an AI model has been built to recognize noise from three types of construction equipment, namely percussive piling, excavator-mounted breakers and hand-held breakers. These equipment are well known for generating intrusive noise during operations. In addition, the project entails the development of a mobile application and a backend cloud server. These technological components enable real-time AI identification, audio signal recording, and prompt alerts to contractors and EPD when these equipment are being used outside permitted hours. The utilization of the mobile application at construction sites facilitates unmanned monitoring, thereby leading to resource savings in terms of site inspections and investigations.

Category 5 : Other Excellence

Acoustics Space Shuttles – Innovative Testing Facility for Window Sound Insulation
Gold Award - Westwood Hong & Associates Limited

Development of innovative “Acoustic Windows” and “Enhanced Acoustic Balconies” is of great demand which has the unique characteristics of achieving substantial noise reduction and allowing natural ventilation – a proven sustainable living format. A novel testing method with innovative facilities is developed at the laboratory which greatly reduce testing time. This is named as “Acoustics Space Shuttles” for conducing sound insulation measurement for windows according to ISO 16283-3. Hundreds of tests have been conducted in the “Acoustics Space Shuttles” to assist EPD to establish Practice Note. This innovative testing facility has made noticeable contributions to Hong Kong to speed up the residential building developments.